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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it okay to multi-list my child with other agencies?

A.  Babes 'n Beaus discourages multi-listing because all agencies use the same clients

Q.  Why do I have to sign a contract?

A.  Our agency works very hard to represent your child.  We require a minimum of one year in order to establish and work your child.   

Q.  It's been six months and my child has only worked two jobs--why?

A.  While your child may have been submitted for many jobs, our clients are the ones that choose the models for auditions or print work.  It can       be disappointing when your child isn't selected for a job; but in this business, it should be expected. 

Q.  Why do I have to take an orientation class?

A.  BNB offers an orientation class for parents with a child just starting out in modeling.  This class is modestly priced and well worth your    
      time.  Parents who understand the "do and don't" of modeling actually help facilitate their child's career 

Q.  Why doesn't BNB accept my photos through email anymore?

A.  Unfortunately, our server was becoming overwhelmed with photos.  In addition, it is cost prohibitive to print out every photo received.  Unless       requested, BNB would now like all photos sent through regular mail.

Q.  What can I do to increase my chances of being noticed / selected during a go see?

A.  If you have limited work experience as an actor or model, we strongly suggest you take classes to improve your skills.  (See our Workshop       link.)