Self Taping for Auditions

In today's world, in person auditions are becoming a thing of the past, at least for the first audition. Many casting directors request talent to self tape their audition and submit it to them electronically, usually through a casting website, so they can narrow down the choices for the directors and producers.

With technology ever evolving in the entertainment industry (i.e. special effects, sound, lighting, etc.), directors and producers expect so much more of talent when watching a self taped audition. Actors and actresses are expected to be somewhat tech savvy when it comes to self taping.  Having a bad tape can cause you to be overlooked and someone else, with less acting experience, to be chosen over you.

Babes 'N Beaus / BNB Talent has some advice and tips on how to present yourself the best way, technology wise, if you are taping your audition at home and help you land that role.

  • Good Lighting . . . not too bright or dark. Your character may be part of a family or playing a younger version of the lead role. Directors need to make sure that you resemble the other talent making up the family or the lead role.
  • Good Audio.  Make sure the volume isn't too low. The directors actually need to hear how you deliver your lines. On the other hand, you don't want the volume to be too loud. There's nothing like the directors having to turn down the volume because it sounds like you're screaming.
  • Use A Tripod. This should be self explanatory as it alleviates the camera, cell phone, etc. from moving around.
  • No Outside Noise.  This goes hand in hand with having good audio. Directors don't want to hear a phone ringing in the background, your dog barking, or someone in your family talking in the background.
  • Have a plain wall behind you. Curtains, pictures, or other items behind you can be distracting, especially if that something behind you is moving. YOU WANT ALL EYES ON YOU!
  • Using a cell phone to film your audition? Make sure you turn the phone sideways. Otherwise, your audition will be sideways.