The Importance of a Good Headshot


One of the most important tools an actor or actress needs is a good, quality headshot as this is the business card of the acting world.  Headshots are often times the first impression a casting director has of an actor or actress, so it is of the utmost importance to keep them updated. 

In addition, casting directors often times will use your headshot to pair you up with another actor or actress who may be playing a family member in an audtion. Below are a few reasons you'll need to update your headshot.


  • Aging.  Adults can go a little longer without getting new headshots as they don't change as much as children. We recommend every two years for adults.  Children will need new headshots every year.
  • Hairstyle.  If you get a drastic haircut or grow out your hair, you'll need new headshots.
  • Hair Color.  If your hair color changes for whatever reason (i.e. dyeing it, graying, etc.), this constitutes a new headshot.
  • Weight.  If you have an extreme weight gain or weight loss, agian, you'll need new headshots.


If you want to be taken seriously as an actor or actress, the ones who keep their headshots updated on a regular basis are ones that are noticed more and in a positive way. Don't be the person who hasn't updated their headshot in 10 years as casting directors do notice this and are likely to send you home without auditioning and never ask you back again.