YOUTH Workshop:  October 10-11, 2015

Mitchell Gossett is back, and Chez Studios is always excited to host this great workshop for young actors.   Casting Director Shay Griffin will also participate in a parent Q & A session.

About the Workshop:  This workshop is for young actors 6 to early 20's.

Mitchell believes that the most exciting way to explore material is not through thoughts alone, but through “ACTIONS” – through what you are DOING with your body. Bringing ACTions into the work creates a stronger, more visceral connection to the material. But as importantly, it also provides a means of showing the most unique feature any actor can present: THEMSELVES in the work.

It is through physical activity that the instrument best shows who the individual actor is and what they uniquely bring to the role and material. Yes, the actor must use their intellect and imagination to understand a character’s objectives. But Mitchell’s lab is a creative space where actors are taught to see this as simply step one of the process. Understanding a character and their objectives and desires is not a destination: it’s a gateway. From there, Mitchell helps actors put all of that work into their bodies, into concrete physical actions.

In the best cases, when these physical actions reflect the character’s objectives, the result is distinctive and meaningful work that quickly distinguishes the actor as someone who knows what the “work process” is. This kind of work separates the actor from others in a clear and demonstrable way, especially in auditions.

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If you have any questions, please contact Chez Studios anytime at prepare@chezstudios.com